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Where does MHS work?

MHS Medical Home Service GmbH supports doctors with medical care for patients at home, especially those with rare metabolic diseases such as Fabry disease, Pompe disease, MPS I, MPS II, MPS IVa, MPS VI and Gaucher disease.

We are convinced that care in the familiar home environment helps improving the quality of life of every patient and their family members. By adhering to the prescribed therapy intervals, we achieve the best possible therapy success.

In addition, MHS Medical Home Service GmbH takes on tasks in the context of clinical research (blood sampling, sample processing, subcutaneous injections, intravenous therapies and their monitoring, etc.).

We systematically collect safety data (pharmacovigilance) for approved and non-approved preparations (medicines) to improve the monitoring of possible side effects and interactions.

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Sandra and Boris Delgado Sanchez

There are no models in the photos, but patients, employees and their family members. We would like to thank everyone for their support!

Our patients report

  • »I’ve had infusions for seventeen years, first in the hospital and then at the family doctor. I have been with MHS in home therapy for eleven years now and am thrilled with the advantages. I no longer have to take time off for the infusion appointments and save vacation days. I no longer have to wait because the dates are flexible. The infusion is possible even on vacation. The same person visits me every time and helps me with questions about Fabry. Another big advantage for me is that MHS handles everything around the infusion and I don’t have to worry about anything. Thank you for that.«

    Sarah F. the mother of two children has the Fabry disease
  • »The care at home is the best solution for us. First my wife took the train to the centre, when it was no longer possible, she was allowed to take the taxi. The infusions at home make us more independent and also relieve me and the daughters a lot.«

    Dirk A., partner of Patricia C. Mrs. C. is ill with Pompe disease
  • »My son Tim is infused for four and a half hours every two weeks. He used to be absent from school on infusion day. Since the nurse is coming to our home in the afternoon, Tim can attend classes as normal. With the infusion at home, many things are much easier for me. I work, I have three children, my husband is self-employed, and there is the household … It is not always easy to manage. Home therapy helps me a lot.«

    Mother Susanne K. and son Tim. Tim is ill with the Pompe disease
  • »What does home therapy mean for me? I can stay at home – I can do what I want. The stress – 18 years in the clinic – is no longer there. I am grateful and happy that there are people like Sandra and that this is possible for us patients.«

    Katarina K. has MPS VI

How do I get home therapy?

If I tolerate the therapy well, the doctor will decide with me whether home therapy is an alternative for me.

If this is the case, he / she delegates this task in writing to the MHS nursing staff, including an individual emergency plan. As a patient, I consent in writing.

The documents were developed in compliance with the applicable data protection regulation.

MHS organizes the procurement of necessary medical material (e.g. infusion pump) at the patient’s request; MHS may arrange for the sterile manufacture of the individually assembled, ready-to-use and all-in-one infusion bags.

The nurse arranges the appointments with the patient. Every visit is documented and available to the doctor.

The preparation of the infusion bags takes place in clean rooms which are structured according to the scheme “A in B in C in D” and follow the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which are the international quality standard for pharmaceutical production in the pharmaceutical industry.


Theratube E3

Was ist Theratube E3? Theratube E3 ist eine optimale Lösung für die ambulante Enzymersatztherapie zertifiziertes Medizinprodukt für die intravenöse Enzymersatztherapie 3 getrennte Kammern für Wirkstoff, Trägerlösung und Spüllösung Maximale Hygiene & Sicherheit Präzise Dosierung Längere Haltbarkeit Einfach Anwendung
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